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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Products Arrived...& Arriving :)

So for me, excitement is in the air. I recently purchased the Ecotools eye brush set online, and a foundation brush from I didn't really need the foundation brush, but the deal was  if you buy two Ecotool products, you get 30% off. They both came today under free 2 day shipping from Shoprunner, and I love everything. I will soon do a product review on those :)

Also, my best friends sister, who is basically like my sister, we did some online shopping on ELF and bought 66 different items! Crazy huh? We got really good deals, and I am so stoked for when they arrive. I'm so excited to show you guys what we bought, and pick out the bad eggs from the good eggs! So look out for that haul ;)

I've also been meaning to do the Alexandra Stan dark smokey blue look that she had in her music video, Mr. Saxobeat. So also look out for that!

And last, but definitely not least, A FOUNDATION COMPARISON! I can't wait to make a video to help out all those picky foundation choosers, because I know I definitely did my research before buying foundations. I'm sure many will love to see that I'm featuring a high end line, against 3 cheaper products. And these foundations are talked-about foundations, that I'm sure you'll want to see how well it stands ;)

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