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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hey everyone! Wow, haven't blogged in sooo long! Well for the past couple of days, I've been going through a lipstick phase! All I just wear now is lipstick after lipstick, and I just keep buying them. But of course, before I buy any lipstick, I do my research to estimate which shades would look great on my NC45 skintone. So in a week or so, I am going to show you my pick of lipsticks, so that I can be helpful to YOU, because in my search for lipstick shades, I was happy to see live skin swatches of a lipstick. I have accumulated around 10 lipsticks to show you guys, but more is coming in the mail which is why I didn't do the post yet. Stay tuned, & subscribe! ♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Helpful Beauty Substitutes

Hey everyone! Well, I looked back at all the weird circumstances I've been in the past, makeup wise I'm speaking, and I realized that I have some pretty helpful substitutions for makeup, when you don't exactly have a certain product at hand. These will help get you through any beauty crisis!

1. Good Ol' Chapstick
Chapstick can be used for a shiittloaaad of stuff. If your seriously desperate for an eyelid primer of some sort, you can use a sticky chapstick to help the eyeshadow adhere better. Also, if you don't have eyelid glitter glue, dabbing some on your lids will help it stick. Chapstick is also great for...of course your lips, chapped skin basically anywhere on your body if you don't have moisturizer at hand. It's great also to tame loose flyaways!

2. Lipstick

So everyone thinks that lipstick is only for your lips...well DUH! Of course it''s only for your lips. But if you ever leave your blush home, or just really want more bang outta that lipstick, use it on your cheeks too for a pretty flush of color! Lipsticks are a lot more pigmented than blush however, so use a teeny dab & gradually build up color. Use a moisturizer to help blend in!

3. Any Eyeshadow, Blush, or Colored Powder of Some Sort 
Colored powder, blush, eyeshadow, any pigment powder can be used anywhere if you need it to, like lipgloss, lipstick, lipstain, blush, luminizer, eyeshadow base, & more! You can mix it with some vaseline, and give your lips the perfect shade that you desire. You can add more powder, or less powder, depending on how much color you want. If you want a very abstract shade of blush, dip into various red, pink, & coral eyeshadows for a unique blush color!

4. Lotion, or Skin Moisturizer

If you ever have a bad hair day, you can definitely use some lotion to help mend frizz or tame dry hair.

5. Body Butter

You can definitely make homemade eyeshadow primer with 2 simple ingredients, thick foundation or concealer, and heavy body butter. Just mix one part concealer/foundation to two parts body butter, and use this as eyeshadow base! It will make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant, and last longer with no creases.

6. Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relieve Powder-Gel
This is an extremely popular substitution for face primer as it has very similar silicone ingredients that is commonly found in primers. It helps smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, skin textures, and makes for a seamless, flawless foundation application.

If you guys have any more good substitutions, feel free to let me know in the comment box! Hope you guys find this helpful ;-*

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Video Posted! Red & Gold Arabic Eyes :)

Hey everyone! I uploaded a new video teaching you how to create a red & gold arabian eye. I tried out a different video tutorial...I personally like this fast motion method better because it's easier, less time consuming, and I think easier to follow, but some of my friends say that it's better when I explain it. You guys can decide that! I put indian music in too to stick with the 'arabian' theme! Hope you guys like it ;D 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Products Arrived...& Arriving :)

So for me, excitement is in the air. I recently purchased the Ecotools eye brush set online, and a foundation brush from I didn't really need the foundation brush, but the deal was  if you buy two Ecotool products, you get 30% off. They both came today under free 2 day shipping from Shoprunner, and I love everything. I will soon do a product review on those :)

Also, my best friends sister, who is basically like my sister, we did some online shopping on ELF and bought 66 different items! Crazy huh? We got really good deals, and I am so stoked for when they arrive. I'm so excited to show you guys what we bought, and pick out the bad eggs from the good eggs! So look out for that haul ;)

I've also been meaning to do the Alexandra Stan dark smokey blue look that she had in her music video, Mr. Saxobeat. So also look out for that!

And last, but definitely not least, A FOUNDATION COMPARISON! I can't wait to make a video to help out all those picky foundation choosers, because I know I definitely did my research before buying foundations. I'm sure many will love to see that I'm featuring a high end line, against 3 cheaper products. And these foundations are talked-about foundations, that I'm sure you'll want to see how well it stands ;)

So please SUBSCRIBE and I promise to give you guys the best ♥ Mwuaaahhh ;-*

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Favorite Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2011

So, to update you guys on the Hurricane, it past last night, and thank God it wasn't as bad as expected. There actually is a ton of trees all over the place, and some flooding, but not in my little community. A lot of my friends don't have power, thankfully, I do, hence my blogging :)  But yes, around 15 lives were lost throughout this whole thing. These arrogant Facebook statuses saying stupid things about Irene are pissing me off >:/ Lives were lost, and so many people took this whole experience for granted. But onto my post.

Summer 2011 is coming to an end very soon, and mine was amazing. I kept my toes & nails cute in the most purttieeest shades ever. Here are pics of my favorite shades. Although I think they are perfect for summer, they're so cute I would wear them year round anyway 0:)
 Revlon Nail Polish in 'Oh My Magenta' - A pretty fuchsia pink with teeny reflective pink sparkles!
One of my favorites...Essie Nail Polish in 'Carousel Carol'- A beautiful solid pink coral ♥
 Got this in the UK edition of Cosmopolitan at Paris's airport! MissGuided Nail Enamel in 'MissTaken'- A bright, fun orange!  This shade is not available in the US, only the UK.
 Avon's Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in 'Sunshine'. - One of my favorite shades of yellow. Not sheer at all! Completely solid and matte with no shimmer. Awesome for a pop of color on your nails!
 My favorite color of all of 2011...Essie's 'Turquoise & Caicos'- Such a pretty shade. Almost like a cross breed of turquoise blue & a minty green!
 B.S.N Plus Nail Lacquer in 'Malibu Breeze'- A beautiful sea blue, completely solid, no shimmer.
♥Awesome Deal♥ $0.99
Last but not least...Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in 'Feverish Rose'- The prettiest, most flirty pink I've seen :)
Sorry I didn't swatch them on my own nails, I actually have set of acrylic on right now from the salon, so I can't swatch them on myself /: All of these colors look amazing on hands & feet, trust me, I've used them before :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

:O My Youtube Makeup Guru FAAAVVEEEEES ;)

Well, my reason for the ton of posts today, is because NY is on a hurricane watch. So I haven't really been able to leave the house for today or tomorrow /: Mayor Bloomberg has declared a state of emergency, so we have to just wait for it to come, and hope for the best. My poor boyfriend is working, and has to go to his brother's house to help take care of the house, although they were told to evacuate because it's along the coastline /: I'm so worried!

Well, enough of the ranting! I have compiled a list of my favorite Youtube Makeup Gurus, that have really been the people who got me into cosmetics & beauty soooo much! These females are so good at what they do, and they have really been able to inspire me, so I'm sure they'll inspire you too! And some of these faces are familiar ones, for they are soo damn known! Kay, well here they are (in no particular order).

In case you're wondering about my MOST favorite, it is the one & only, DulceCandy<3 I lovee watching her videos, and she truly inspired me so much! I can go on & on about her, but I'm not trying to review a guru ;) 
Hope you find these links helpful, and the gurus inspire you like they did to me :)

    EcoTools 6 Piece Brush Set Review

    So I was so excited that I bought more brushes! You can never have enough in my opinion, kinda like shoes ;D I saw these EcoTools Brush set in Rite Aid, and they looked pretty good. For those who do not know, EcoTools is a company that makes vegan, natural, good-for-the-environment-type brushes. They are available in popular drugstores, and are affordable!

    So on the back of the packaging (which is very cute & resourceful btw), it says that it has bamboo handles, synthetic Taklon bristles (100% cruelty free, big up for that), the barrel is recycled aluminum, and the brush roll is natural cotton & heap. Now that is what I call friendly brushes ;) Click here for more info, and more images of the product.

    So here are the bad boyss!

    So this $10.99 set comes with ;

    Blush Brush

    Eye Shading Brush

    Angled Eyeliner Brush

    Concealer Brush

    Lash & Brow Groomer

    Hemp & Cotton Case
    So these brushes are way softer than I expected. I love love love love the blush brush. The size, and the way it applies is perfect. I find myself randomly brushing it against my feels THAT good! The eye shading brush is fairly large, but still will cover a lot of the eyelid for all over color. It applies pretty good, and the brush is soft, just as the blush brush is. I'm definitely using it more! The angled eyeliner brush is out & in use all the time for me! I always do winged eyeliner with gel (if I'm not using Loreal Colour Intense that is), and the brush lines & wings are done so neatly! I love it. It's pretty soft compared to other angled eyeliner brushes that I've used, so that's a plus. Scraped up eyelids aren't cute ;x The concealer brush & the flat shader brush are very similar, wait honestly, there's almost no difference. It works fairly normal...just as a concealer brush should work. The lash & brow groomer, I don't really use tools like that. I use brow gel & good mascara ;) lol . But I assume it does it's job. Last but not least, the carrying case. It is so cute, and I love how it stores these brushes. Nothing falls out, and it makes life alot easier when looking for my ecotools ;D
    This company's policy is an amazing bonus too. All natural brushes? Oh yes, save the environment!  They work extremely well, and they're comparable to some Mac brushes! The price, is amazing, and you get alot of bang for your buck. Power to EcoTools! I will definitely be buying more things from them!