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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Favorite Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2011

So, to update you guys on the Hurricane, it past last night, and thank God it wasn't as bad as expected. There actually is a ton of trees all over the place, and some flooding, but not in my little community. A lot of my friends don't have power, thankfully, I do, hence my blogging :)  But yes, around 15 lives were lost throughout this whole thing. These arrogant Facebook statuses saying stupid things about Irene are pissing me off >:/ Lives were lost, and so many people took this whole experience for granted. But onto my post.

Summer 2011 is coming to an end very soon, and mine was amazing. I kept my toes & nails cute in the most purttieeest shades ever. Here are pics of my favorite shades. Although I think they are perfect for summer, they're so cute I would wear them year round anyway 0:)
 Revlon Nail Polish in 'Oh My Magenta' - A pretty fuchsia pink with teeny reflective pink sparkles!
One of my favorites...Essie Nail Polish in 'Carousel Carol'- A beautiful solid pink coral ♥
 Got this in the UK edition of Cosmopolitan at Paris's airport! MissGuided Nail Enamel in 'MissTaken'- A bright, fun orange!  This shade is not available in the US, only the UK.
 Avon's Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in 'Sunshine'. - One of my favorite shades of yellow. Not sheer at all! Completely solid and matte with no shimmer. Awesome for a pop of color on your nails!
 My favorite color of all of 2011...Essie's 'Turquoise & Caicos'- Such a pretty shade. Almost like a cross breed of turquoise blue & a minty green!
 B.S.N Plus Nail Lacquer in 'Malibu Breeze'- A beautiful sea blue, completely solid, no shimmer.
♥Awesome Deal♥ $0.99
Last but not least...Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in 'Feverish Rose'- The prettiest, most flirty pink I've seen :)
Sorry I didn't swatch them on my own nails, I actually have set of acrylic on right now from the salon, so I can't swatch them on myself /: All of these colors look amazing on hands & feet, trust me, I've used them before :)

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