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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Helpful Beauty Substitutes

Hey everyone! Well, I looked back at all the weird circumstances I've been in the past, makeup wise I'm speaking, and I realized that I have some pretty helpful substitutions for makeup, when you don't exactly have a certain product at hand. These will help get you through any beauty crisis!

1. Good Ol' Chapstick
Chapstick can be used for a shiittloaaad of stuff. If your seriously desperate for an eyelid primer of some sort, you can use a sticky chapstick to help the eyeshadow adhere better. Also, if you don't have eyelid glitter glue, dabbing some on your lids will help it stick. Chapstick is also great for...of course your lips, chapped skin basically anywhere on your body if you don't have moisturizer at hand. It's great also to tame loose flyaways!

2. Lipstick

So everyone thinks that lipstick is only for your lips...well DUH! Of course it''s only for your lips. But if you ever leave your blush home, or just really want more bang outta that lipstick, use it on your cheeks too for a pretty flush of color! Lipsticks are a lot more pigmented than blush however, so use a teeny dab & gradually build up color. Use a moisturizer to help blend in!

3. Any Eyeshadow, Blush, or Colored Powder of Some Sort 
Colored powder, blush, eyeshadow, any pigment powder can be used anywhere if you need it to, like lipgloss, lipstick, lipstain, blush, luminizer, eyeshadow base, & more! You can mix it with some vaseline, and give your lips the perfect shade that you desire. You can add more powder, or less powder, depending on how much color you want. If you want a very abstract shade of blush, dip into various red, pink, & coral eyeshadows for a unique blush color!

4. Lotion, or Skin Moisturizer

If you ever have a bad hair day, you can definitely use some lotion to help mend frizz or tame dry hair.

5. Body Butter

You can definitely make homemade eyeshadow primer with 2 simple ingredients, thick foundation or concealer, and heavy body butter. Just mix one part concealer/foundation to two parts body butter, and use this as eyeshadow base! It will make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant, and last longer with no creases.

6. Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relieve Powder-Gel
This is an extremely popular substitution for face primer as it has very similar silicone ingredients that is commonly found in primers. It helps smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, skin textures, and makes for a seamless, flawless foundation application.

If you guys have any more good substitutions, feel free to let me know in the comment box! Hope you guys find this helpful ;-*

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